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Support For Our Community



Donations Program

Support of our community is very important to us; and, we have developed a program that not only allows us to contribute to charitable organizations in need of financial assistance, but also provides us an opportunity to learn what groups are out there and to meet the wonderful, caring people who devote so much of their self and their time to developing, building, and running these very important programs.

Live Oak Plumbing, Inc., considers requests for donations annually, with all funding decisions being made by a consensus vote of the Board of Directors.

Information regarding time lines for applications/requests for consideration, anticipated funding date and amounts, and how to apply are given below. We encourage you to contact us, as directed below, so that we may learn about your organization and determine if we can be of assistance to you. All requests for donations are considered. We are, however, especially fond of programs
which promote self-esteem and self-sufficiency skills for people with special abilities and also those programs which benefit the health and well being of wildlife, strays, rescued animals, and other furry and/or 4-legged friends.

Some organizations we have supported personally include:
    NARHA therapeutic riding programs         Salvation Army
    Suwannee County Humane Society          Disabled American Veterans
    Suwannee County Schools                      Special Olympics

1. Please submit written requests only.  All requests for donations are considered.
2. Requests received by 09/02/2012 will be considered for our FYE 2012.   All applicants will be notified of our funding decisions by 11/01/2012. All Board decisions are final.  Awards will be made by 12/01/2012.
3. Total funding available for FYE 2012 may be awarded as one lump sum or may be divided among more than one organization. The total amount available for donation  may increase or decrease as economic times dictate.
4. Please submit to us whatever information you feel important to share with us about your organization or specific project, but please be sure to include the following: (A) Applicant organization name, address, phone number, contact person, and FEI number. (B) Summarize your project, describe who is the target audience, expected number of participants to benefit from the project, and how the project will be executed. You do not need to utilize any specific form or proposal format; and, requests may be kept very brief and simple or may be very descriptive – it's your choice. 
5. Please submit all requests in writing as follows: By mail: Live Oak Plumbing, Inc. Attention: Julie Mossburg 8606 155th Road Live Oak, FL 32060.  We will acknowledge in writing receipt of your request and will contact you one more time by the date given above to let you know of our funding decision.
6. Each donation given annually is considered a one-time contribution and is not automatically renewed. If you receive a donation through our company and wish to be considered again the following year, please follow guidelines given above.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve our community.

In-Kind Service

We are currently in the process of developing an in-kind program in which we will be able to offer plumbing services at cost or no cost.  Please check back with us at a later date.

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